3 websites to sell your photos online

Do you enjoy taking photos in your free time? Do you have a hard drive full of photos that you have clicked? Well they be can be put to good use than sitting idle in your PC. You can sell your photos online and earn money. In this article let us see how to sell your photos from the comfort of your home.

There are many stock photography websites where you can upload the photos and they will do the work for you. We will see the details about the most famous stock websites and how to sell your content to them. You can upload your images,videos and illustrations.

Fotolia/Adobe Stock

Fotolia is one of the oldest stock photo websites. If you have good quality photographs and above 18 years of age you can become a contributor. You will get a 33% commission when someone purchases your photos. You can request payment through PayPal when your account balance reaches 25 USD.


It is one of the most famous websites where you can sell your photos. They have certain rigorous guidelines for accepting your images and videos. There are 6 levels of earnings for your images. You can set the minimum threshold for payment and the payment cycle for PayPal is between the 7th and 15th of each month. You can signup here.

istock photo

It is one of the oldest and prestigious website founded in 2000. It is part of the Getty images family of companies. You can submit your images, videos and illustrations. The payment starts at 15% for photos and 20% for videos and illustrations. Exclusive contributors can earn between 25% and 45%. You can receive payment through PayPal or Payoneer.

In this article we learnt how to sell your images and make money online. There are many other websites where you can give a try. It will not be easy to get accepted because most of them have very strict rules for accepting content. Your images must be of high quality and in the correct format.

Don’t worry or get disappointed if your images are rejected at first. Make sure to follow the rules and eventually the image will be accepted. Keep submitting in huge numbers and to a variety of websites. All the best !

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