Deel: The Ultimate Global HR Platform

Managing a global team can be challenging, especially when it comes to compliance. With Deel, businesses can easily hire employees and contractors worldwide without opening legal entities or worrying about HR compliance.

In this review, we’ll explore the features and benefits that make Deel the ultimate global HR platform.

Features of Deel

Worldwide Infrastructure for Easy Hiring and Payment

Deel enables businesses to easily hire and pay employees where they don’t have entities. With its worldwide infrastructure, businesses can work with contractors anywhere in the world with built-in compliance, automated invoicing, and global payments.

Deel also allows businesses to quickly onboard and pay direct employees hired through their entities to consolidate processes.

Simplified Global Team Management

Deel simplifies every aspect of managing a worldwide team, from benefits and equity to working visas and equipment.

With Deel, businesses can get set up compliantly in just 5 minutes. Deel eliminates the need for 16 different HR tools, allowing businesses to save on their tech stack and reduce onboarding time to just 5 minutes.

Holistic View of Employer Costs

Deel provides businesses with a holistic view of employer costs, headcount, and churn. This allows businesses to eliminate errors and duplicate work with one process. Businesses can also give their entire team a consistent experience, ensuring a streamlined HR process.

Compliant Payroll for Global Teams

Deel offers compliant payroll for global teams in minutes. Businesses can pay contractors, EORs, and direct employees on autopilot, and Deel handles taxes, provides benefits, payslips, and more.

Deel also eliminates admin with automated contractor invoicing and offers 15+ global payment options. Local, legal, tax, and accounting expertise are just a click away with Deel.

Benefits of Deel as a Global HR Platform

Deel offers a wide range of benefits for businesses looking to streamline their HR processes. Here are some of the key benefits of using Deel as a global HR platform:


One of the most significant benefits of Deel is its compliance features. With Deel, businesses can ensure they are meeting all legal requirements when it comes to hiring and paying global employees and contractors. Deel is built to meet the legal and compliance standards of every country it operates in, taking the stress out of managing a global team.

Time and Cost Savings

Deel can save businesses time and money by streamlining HR processes. With everything in one place, businesses can eliminate the need for multiple tools and processes. Deel also reduces onboarding time to just five minutes, saving time for HR teams and employees alike.

Consistency and Accuracy

With Deel, businesses can ensure that all employees are receiving a consistent experience when it comes to onboarding and payroll processes. This reduces the likelihood of errors or duplicate work, ensuring accuracy in all HR processes.

Access to Local Expertise

Deel offers businesses access to local expertise in all the countries it operates in. This includes legal, tax, and accounting expertise to ensure that businesses are meeting all local requirements. This local expertise can be invaluable to businesses looking to expand globally.

Automated Invoicing

Deel eliminates the need for manual invoicing by automating contractor invoicing. This ensures that contractors are paid on time, reducing the likelihood of payment delays or disputes.

Flexible Payment Options

With over 15 global payment options, Deel offers flexibility for businesses when it comes to paying their global team. This includes options such as PayPal, TransferWise, and local bank transfers.


Deel is the ultimate global HR platform that simplifies global team management, ensures compliance, and saves time and money. With its worldwide infrastructure, simplified onboarding process, and compliant payroll, Deel is the go-to platform for businesses of all sizes. Join Deel today !

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